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TeMana Tahiti Singapore

TeMana Tahiti Morinda is a range of high-end facial skin care products which is one of the most exciting discoveries of the effects of noni seed extract obtained when used topically. Noni seed extract has been shown to inhibit damage and skin discoloration caused by glycation, while increasing brightness and skin health. Thanks to a patented process, Morinda is the only company that can manufacture skincare products made from noni seed extract * (* patent application number: 2016-36822).

TeMana Tahiti Morinda

TeMana Tahiti Noni Brightening can be regarded as a phenomenal line, because TeMana’s production involves three countries. First, Tahiti as the source of raw materials. Second, the United States where raw materials processing. Third, Japan as the place of this product is formulated, researched and produced.

TeMana Tahiti Morinda Clinical Trials

TeMana Tahiti Morinda has been through clinical trials. One result of a 4-week clinical trial presented in TeMana’s workshop in Japan is as follows:


Below is a series of TeMana products whose benefits are fantastic and phenomenal.


Brightening Serum
Made from: Noni Seed extract, Noni Leaf Juice, Noni Seed Oil, Noni Fruit Juice, Arbutin and no fragrance.

This product is a MAIN product of the Skin enlightenment line. This product is able to make skin cleaner, make it brighter and fade spots and spots. The results given by this product can be seen clearly. The highest concentration of noni seed extracts is present in this product.


Brightening Facial Shield
Made of: Noni Seed Extract, Noni Leaf Juice, Noni Fruit Juice, contains no fragrance.

This lightweight lotion with UV protection power (SPF50 and PA ++++) is able to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays and gives the impression of enlightening. The combination of shea butter, making this product has a skin moisture level and is able to prevent dryness of the skin. This product can be used as a make up base, because it has no white residue on the skin.


Brightening Toner
Made from Noni seed extract, noni seed oil, noni leaf juice, and noni fruit juice.

Inhibit inflammation caused by AGE (Advanced Glycation Endproducts).

Refresher with this natural rose scent can be used for a month or two.


Brightening Cleanser
The one-step cleanser formulated from noni leaf juice, noni seed oil, and noni fruit juice is able to remove dead skin cells and reduce skin imbalance and facial dullness, thereby providing cleansing and brightness of the facial skin. One of the other advantages of this cleanser is that it has better Brightening Toner absorption capability.

This natural rose scent cleanser can be used for a month or two.


Brightening Moisturizer
Made from: Noni Seed Extract, Noni Leaf Juice, Noni Seed Oil, Noni Fruit Juice, and Arbutin.

This product has a smooth texture and soft so it can keep the skin moisture. With arbutin content, Noni Brightening Moisturizer keeps your skin clear and bright. Brightening Moisturizer absorbs on the skin easily, prevents dry skin, restores skin elasticity and keeps skin healthy.

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